Meitalove : My new pinky ring

As my birthday was coming up, which was a few days ago, I decided last August to get myself something new. All occasions are a good reason to treat yourself, right?
I have been eyeing a ring by Meitalove for so long (if not all of her pieces actually) I thought I should finally get it. But I got it custom made. I’m since a year or so a pinky ring lover and my pinky ring collection is growing ever since but one piece was really missing so far and that was Meital’s Pinky Sparkle ring. I’ve been doubting between that one and the Diamond In Between ring, both alike but still so different.
I ended up with a custom Pinky Sparkle as I decided to go with fewer diamonds. I requested seven diamonds instead of 31, as its a demi-pavé ring. Don’t ask me why but I’ve simply always liked the number 7. And 4. But thought 4 wasn’t enough sparkle to me so 7 diamonds is what I went with. Plus on the other hand, we all know the term ‘lucky 7’ as in many cultures it is considered a lucky number. So it’s perfect right?

What I love about this design are its textures. So organic, so beautiful and so unique.
Meital hand-carves all of her designs in wax and makes them in 14k yellow, white, rose gold and silver. Each piece is set with precious and semi-precious gemstones. Her aesthetic is very unique and I can’t praise her craftsmanship and uniqueness enough. I’m a #1 fan since day one and can’t wait to grow my Meital-collection as this is the second ring I purchased from her.
Below as seen pictured with the original design in yellow gold:

All images by MoJ