Birthday Wishlist

Where are all my Virgos at? My birthday is only a few days away, on the 10th, so I thought it would be nice to share a ‘few’ pieces which are on my birthday wishlist with you guys. As I’m turning 30, I selected 30 fabulous jewelry pieces from my  #neverendingwishlist, because to be honest…my wishlist is endless!
Hoping you love these beautiful pieces as much as I do and maybe give you some ideas of what to put on your own list as well! 😉


  1. Currently, everything from their Dala and Petite collections, by metier by Tom Foolery. I’ve picked the Triple Diamond huggie for this wishlist.
  2. Kristen Baird‘s Dewdrops In The Rain ring, such a sweet name for a lovely-looking ring right? This little baby is set with a pink sapphire. Hi you, birthstone of mine! Happens that I really love pink too!
  3. Too many pieces from Sofia Zakia are on my wish list such as the Celestial Rose pendant, which I instantly got really fond of, the same story for her worry dolls, Ajpu is my fav. But here goes the Sapphire Termina ring, it’s not only beautiful but it also includes my birthstone!
  4. A pretty single earpiece is always a must-have, just like the Cuff earring by GOLAB Jewelry.
  5. Ohlala, don’t get me started on Brittany’s Cocktail ring! Gem Steady is known for their edgy and unique style and these rings are my absolute favorites! The color/gemstones are so good but the prongs are heaven to me. My fav combo would be the Amethyst and Pink Tourmaline ring. Note to the boyfriend: a size US7,5 or 8 will do 😉
  6. One of my favorite rings by Nadia W Jewellery is her Arrya Pink Sapphire & Black Diamond ring, it’s beautiful and it includes black and pink which are the blogs theme colors. Another fav is the Sonja Tourmaline ring, yum!
  7. There are three pieces which are my #1 from Retrouvaí: Flying Pig signet, Unicorn Signet pendant and Magna ring as a pinky (and comes in various styles).
  8. I so adore Delphine Leymarie‘s entire Bohème collection, the Boheme Elise Emerald ring is so gorg! Boheme Elise Tourmaline ring
  9. As a long-time fan of Laurie Fleming, she just couldn’t be missed in my birthday wishlist with her gorgeous romantic Cyndra ring. I also have a thing for her Ambrosia earrings and Ilona ring, it’s SO beautiful.
  10. Her knife edge rings are so perfect…Lizzie Mandler‘s Petite Princess Cut Black Diamond ring.
  11. There is something about engraved signet rings that I really adore. Kim Dunham creates such fabulous unique OOAK pieces, they all just make me drool all the time.
  12. Black Zenith ring by DMD Metal is one of the pieces I adore by Derek. There is also the Vom pendant and the Minima ring who have my heart.
  13. Love me some simple and classic designs like this sweet Rose cut Pear-shaped Diamond ring by Victoria Cunningham. Love its east-west placement.
  14. Another designer I’m a long-time fan of Rochelle of Era Jewelry. It’s hard to pick just one piece. The Mosaic bangle is really a gorgeous piece but I also adore her Mosaic Strand earringsSapphire Cluster necklace and Mosaic Eternity ring.
  15. Everybody needs a rainbow in their life! This Lucite Rainbow hoops by Rainbow Vintage 1980 is just perfect. Only available via Roseark FYI.
  16. This stunning ring is a custom made piece by Jenny Norman, but darn it’s so gorgeous! Its center stone is from Dream Diam LTD.
  17. Ahhh Army Of Rokosz…I just love every single creation by Andrea. Her aesthetic is outstanding and I’m def a fan.  As pictured is a custom engagement ring for one of her clients.
  18. There is not one single piece by Jillian of Marrow that I dislike. Every single one is so swoon-worthy. So I wanted to include one of her stunning pieces and got a hard time to go with just one piece. Loving every single ring so I wanted to go with the fab Midnight in Marrakech necklace set with Tourmaline and Black Diamonds. Really beautiful in Yellow Gold but is also available in White and Rose gold.
  19. Gotta love CVC Stones! Picked the Virgo Black Stone necklace with Diamonds to match my horoscope/ zodiac sign! Comes with a white stone and/or colored gemstones as well. More via Orchard Mille.
  20. I believe when you’re an ear-piercing addict or enthusiast, Maria Tash needs to be a part of your ear party. Having her Granulated Triple Spike earring on my wishlist, but also the classy Three Diamond hoop.
  21. I’ve always adored Jessica Biales enamel and signet pieces and so it’s no wonder I like her Ruby ring with navy and yellow striped enamel inlay.
  22. Love me some neat designs, rose cut diamonds…this Pear Rose Cut diamond ring by Diana Mitchell would really look nice on my finger, I’m really sure about that! :p
  23. The Celestine Pear necklace by Anna Sheffield is yet so gracious yet so fierce, she also reminds me of Maleficent somehow.
  24. My heart loves Bliss Lau. My current weak spot is her Minimalist ring, oh dear…so gorgeous! And I love the center stones cut! So special. For this wishlist I although decided to go for the Minimalist Arc ring.
  25. I just love a good classic design like this Windsor ring by Olive Avenue Jewelry. The center stone is a Pear Forever One Colorless Moissanite which is surrounded by 17 round and 3 marquise cut diamonds. Especially adoring the marquise touch to it! FYI, the center stone can be set with a diamond too if you’d prefer.
  26. Oh these claw prongs though, so hard to resist this Hexagon Rose Cut Diamond ring by Valerie Madison.
  27. I wasn’t too sure on which piece to add in my wishlist from Victoria Young as there are about 5 pieces as my #1, so eeny, meeny, miny, moe… Eve dangles it is! Super cute pair!
  28. The Emerging from The Leaves ring by Anouk Jewellery totally fits my personal style! See it worn here.
  29. The Empress ring by K & Co Bespoke is quite a stunning statement piece! It has a Grey oval Sapphire center set in hand-engraved 14k yellow gold with black diamond accents, yum!
  30. Definitely couldn’t be missed in my Birthday Wishlist is a ring by Anueva Jewelry. I so love you can Build Your Own by picking a gemstone and a ring style/design to make it your dream ring. Mine would be similar to this one, a blue-green Sapphire or Salt & Pepper diamond in a 4-prong setting or the 6-prong textured band.

Just some more because like I said above, it’s a never-ending wishlist…



All images via links as mentioned above