Jewel Lover : Lauren Harwell Godfrey

It has been a while since we had the pleasure of glimpsing someone’s most cherished piece(s). I’m excited to take a peek at Lauren Harwell Godfrey’s favorites with you!
Her name might ring a bell… Lauren is the founder and designer of Harwell Godfrey. She is a California native who loves art, travel cooking, and of course jewelry.
“I fell in love with jewelry at a very young age thanks to my grandmother who had lots of sparkly things for me to play with and try on!” says Lauren. Grandmothers have the best jewels, right!?
Lauren became a jewelry designer after a 15+ year career as an advertising art director and creative director. She hit a point where she realized that after helping various brands (like Levis, Adidas, Absolut and Ray-Ban) in telling their stories, she was prepared to establish a brand of her own. Jewelry held a special allure for her because she desired more of it in her life!

“The Queen Bee features a sapphire from my friend Dave Bindra (@gemfluencer) and has an engraving on the back that says “Bee Good” with my son’s initials.

The pyramid studs are from my very first collection.”

“The So Fly Huggies were inspired by my trip to Egypt where I first encountered fly jewelry – apparently it was given as a symbol of bravery and honor for military service.”

More info on all the current available Bee pendants here.

All images thanks to Harwell Godfrey and team – Gem Awards