Jacquie Aiche : Little Daisy

When it comes to Jacquie Aiche, it’s hard not to love her jewelry. You may know her pieces from her celebrity and supermodel fans such as Rihanna, Nikki Reed, Vanessa Hudgens, Emily Ratajkowski, Behati Prinsloo, Bella Hadid and many more. Her jewels are very popular but I totally get why.  They’re feminine yet edgy. Myself, I regularly drool over her pieces whether I see them on celebs or on her social media.
Jacquie launched some cameo pieces a little while ago and I just fell in love with them. Really bad.

How cute is the Kitten one? Find them all here.

Anyway, so, back what to what I was planning to share…well, I got myself one! Shopbop exclusively sells some vermeil JA pieces so which means these more likely fit my wallet/budget. I got a small Daisy pinky ring and oh-em-gee…I’m so in love! I picked this one because a) I love flowers, b) I love pinky rings. But then I had a hard time on the agate color: blue or green. Personally really loving both styles…I was like “and now what?”. I’m such a terrible person at picking things. The more choice there is the harder it is for me, no matter what it is. Even when picking a movie, so you get my point.

After a few minutes, I decided to go with the darkest one, the blue one. Why? Well, a few years back my mom and I went to a local shopping event which included a styling specialist. The woman told me back then which colors not to wear (yellow and pastel colors for example) and which suit me best (black!). So I apply it to jewelry as well (although she said I should go with silver and white gold only, no yellow gold for me neither in zippers on jackets or bags). Does it make any sense? The green one is still in my head but I believe I made a good choice as I really adore my little Daisy ring.
Also, as a side note, Daisy is April’s birth flower and my grandmother happens to be born in April! Isn’t that a great coincidence? It makes the ring even more special to me.



All photos by MoJ