Jewel Lover : Dominique

Ever since I started the blog and so also my IG account, I follow some fellow jewel lovers and drool over their personal collection. A few years ago I came across Dominique hers, @henridominiquejewelry. As you can see on there, Dominique is a GIA educated passionate jewelry buyer-collector and wearer. And I always love what she wears.
When it comes to necklace layering, she definitely is the best! She’s a pro at it. Wished I had her sense of style.
Anyways, it was about time I’d ask her for our Jewel Lovers-series!

“I was kindly asked by Sophie to write a post on what piece of jewelry in my collection has the most meaning to me. It’s hard for me to mention just one piece, so let me tell you a little about a couple of pieces that I’m really enjoying right now.

Every piece of lion jewelry I own are the most meaningful pieces to me. My son Henry’s star sign is Leo, so the lion imagery has a special place in my heart. My first lion piece was from my mother who gifted it to me 10 years ago. It’s a pearl necklace with a Lion head clasp to it. I immediately fell in love with it as I remember her wearing it so often when I was a child. I feel thinking back it was probably a sign of what may come. I always wanted a baby boy. But who knew I’d have a Leo?! So now, I really love collecting lion pieces.

My mother pearls

But my lion jewelry is not what I’m actually going to write about. I want to focus on a recent purchase from Anthony Lent. It’s a small moon face charm that I had my eye on for a while and had finally decided to buy it for myself after my son Henry told me one day that he would get me the moon for Mother’s Day while having his bath. I think that was all the motivation I needed to get this charm. The reason I wanted this moon charm and why it means so much to me is that Henry is obsessed with the solar system. He knows more about it than I do. Embarrassing but true! There had been many occasions where we thought he was wrong on a fact about something space-related and our Amazon Alexa proved my husband and I very wrong. Henry was always right! This moon charm also reminds me of moments I share with him. For example, a couple of months ago, I had woken him up at the crack of dawn to see the red moon. He was so excited to see it, his face just lit up! So every time I wear this charm now and in the future, it reminds me of those moments with my son.

This Anthony Lent moon face charm and two of my lion pieces. These lion pieces were made from a pair of antique 14kt gold cufflinks

Another piece that I cherish very much would have to be my first large jewelry purchase. It was a large link solid 14kt gold rose gold chain. To this day my husband still doesn’t know how much I spent on it, so let’s hope he doesn’t read this post! I would say this piece is what started my chain obsession. I really enjoy simple clean pieces as they give you a lot of room to play around with. I feel that if something is very detailed, it’s hard to play around with it as there’s always a chance you will lose the beauty of the details in the jumble of your other pieces. This is why I think I prefer a more simpler piece, it gives you the greatest flexibility, and I just love to mix and match!

My large link 14 kt solid gold chain.

When I buy jewelry, it has to relate to something in my life and right now the biggest part of my life is my son. My son endures a lot of therapy sessions during the week, therefore I think my lion pieces really relate to him as it’s a reminder to me of how strong he is for a 3-year old.

So for now, my lion jewelry and the moon face charm would be the pieces which mean the most to me. I think any type of jewelry can be precious and meaningful. For me, it’s all about what the piece relates to or the experience I’m living in at that moment.”
– as told by Dominique.

All images by Dominque Wesbecher