Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Mother’s Day is only one month away. Myself, I always get two presents: one for my mom and one for my grandmother (whom also is my godmother).
I love personalized pieces, which is even greater to give or to receive on Mother’s Day. So because of that, I included some of these in this Gift Guide today. From an initial ring to whatever else possible like the fun family names ring and fingerprint necklace. Details below.

  1. Raindrop Fingerprint necklace by Sarah Graham
  2. Mom ring by Elisa Solomon
  3. Floating Hoop and Diamond necklace by Jessie Thomas
  4. Moonstone Stargazer ring by Nixin
  5. Corda ring by Renvi, also check out the bold Votum Nameplate ring
  6. Lucky Star pendant by Circa 1700
  7. Classic Deux rings by Le Petit Gem
  8. Pave Diamond Button hoop earrings by Ten Thousand Things
  9. Magic Opal ring by Lisa Lehmann Designs
  10. Black Pearl & Letter charm by Kelly Bello Design, comes in White Pearl as well
  11. Imperial Topaz ring by Sona Weaver
  12. Ring set by Louise Grønlykke
  13. Sacral Point ring by Dallas Maynard Jewelry
  14. Grateful Heart Trace Chain necklace by Daniella Draper, comes also in sterling silver
  15. Multicolored Sapphire Star drop earrings by Maya Selway
  16. Monogrammed Pinky Signet ring by Sarah Chloe Jewelry
  17. Diamond Spike studs by Social Anarchy
  18. Crystallized hoops by Sarah Winther, personally also loving her Rock rings
  19. Floret stud earrings by S.Yamane Jewelry
  20. Somnia Pearl ring by Ninna York
  21. Starburst Diamond Cluster ring by Suzanne Kalan
  22. Family ring by Heather B. Moore, also adoring the Child’s Drawing charm
  23. Gold Disk necklace by AUrate New York
  24. Core cuff by Morgan Reed
  25. Triple Navette ring by Sarah Appleton