Elisabeth Bell Jewelry

Today I have the honor to present you two unique and incredible pieces by Elisabeth Bell. I’m a fan of designer Beth Yorn ever since I started Made of Jewelry. I personally never can get enough of her unique designs which mainly are inspired by nature. Their feminine look and organic lines are so appealing to me. My all-time favorites are her Thorn necklaces and Blossom Succulent pieces.
I’m always amazed by how she turns a gorgeous unique stone in a fabulous creation of hers.
As you can see below, here is a little process on how she does it. She’s like magic!

A great example is this one-of-a-kind cuff bracelet, commissioned by a customer because she loved the stone so much. Beth got the wax carved to match the wood grain. The design of this piece started with the stone.
“The customer loved the uniqueness of the fossilized opalized wood – from Nevada – and wanted to create a truly unique design around it. I thought the concept of the wood grain continuing from the stone to the band would be amazing. The entire design was carved from one piece of wax after it was sketched and then the stone was set.” – explains Beth.
The fact Beth had the idea to let the lines of the wood grain go all the way through the band of the bracelet is such a clever idea and does make the opal stand out even more. It’s two things becoming one piece. They make each other a whole.

Another unique beauty is this Emerald ring as pictured below. It’s as if it comes straight out of a fairytale. The detailing of the band of the ring and the gorgeous emerald are beyond dreamy. And look how the leaves are actually prongs! Serious #ihavethisthingwithprongs-moment over here! As Beth says herself, the Columbian Emerald ring is magical. Myself I adore Colombian emeralds a lot and so it’s no wonder I’m in awe of this creation of hers. This gem turned out even more beautiful thanks to the ring design. It is as if the leaves are pushing up the emerald to show it to the world.
I totally get and see Beth’s point of view on this piece. She absolutely nailed it a 100% if not even more.
“This particular stone had such a fairytale feel to me. I wanted to create something magical with it. The green glow reminded me of an enchanted stone, so I came up with the design concept and named it the Emerald Forest ring, with tangled vines clinging to the stone. It makes me think of a story from my childhood of a Princess locked in a castle, and the Prince trying to chop down the vines to get to her.”
– as told by Beth.

Look at the details. Beautiful yet so delicate to carve for sure. It’s an extraordinary piece!



All images thanks to Beth | Collages by MoJ