Sarah Richey

How about sharing about Sarah Richey newest creations? In the past few years, she got featured a few times on such as with her Geode Twig ring and Evil Eye ring.
Sarah’s aesthetic is mainly inspired by raw, beautiful elements found in nature. She incorporates branches and bones but also geodes and pretty gemstones such as emeralds (keep scrolling!). Her designs include organic elegance and I hope she will keep on following this route in the feature. It totally makes sense as besides being jewelry designer Sarah is also a botanical skincare expert and Kundalini yoga instructor who is constantly searching for inspiration in the world around her.

Below is little Q&A with Sarah on her latest work:

What’s the new collection about? What inspired you?
The new collection is about tying in spirit, nature, and art into wearable art. I’ve been drawing out my visions from my dreams, which has been very fun.

Describe your aesthetic in a few words.
I’ve been drawn to the healing properties and the energies of crystals since I was a little girl. My design influence stems from nature, magic, mysticism, and the yogic secrets to a blissful life. I find the more I grow as a jewelry designer the more I’m a storyteller.

What does jewelry mean to you?
It’s a way to express and adore yourself.

What drives you on?
I’m just the channel for spirit to work through. I feel that the jewelry (stones) choose the wearer. My craft is to enhance the beauty in women from the inside and out. To make them feel and look more like their Goddess selves!

What’s your favorite piece of the collection?
My opals! Each opal I’ve been working with right now are so dreamy!

The Intuition necklace (pictured on the right), why an eye and what does the star means?
The all-seeing eye helps to remind myself and my wearers that we can all tap into our own psychic abilities by listening to our inner voice of wisdom and guidance. It’s being willing and trusting that inner compass within and living from that place. The star represents the north star/your inner compass.

Could you tell us more about this bespoke Emerald ring design?

Emeralds are known as the “stone of successful love” I wanted the setting to represent snakes or a crown of snakes to represent life force energy.

Finish the sentence: Every woman needs _______.
Every woman needs nothing because she has the universe within!




All imagery thanks to Sarah Richey