La Maison Couture

As a Contemporary Fine Jewelry and Lifestyle Boutique, La Maison Couture is dedicated to sourcing unique, stand out, jewelry pieces and lifestyle gifts for the sophisticated connoisseur.
Founded by ex-Harrods and Harvey Nichols buyer Tania McNab, La Maison Couture has a focussed ‘eye’ on discovering the new emerging talent of tomorrow as well as featuring the very best from the most creative luxury jewelry brands of today.

Founder Tania McNab

In 2008 Tania had a vision… It was a vision, which she was uniquely qualified for,
through past experience, through her innate individual skills and talent and through
her business acumen, which recognized the lack of available luxury brands and
products online, as a potential opportunity.
Tania launched La Maison Couture, a pioneering website, in the style of a 17th
century chateau, providing a portal, linking visitors to her unique edit of luxury
brands; jewelry, fashion accessories, gifts and beautiful objects for the home… at a
time when the very idea of luxury retail online was unthinkable to most.Nearly a decade after first opening the doors of the iconic La Maison Couture virtual
Chateau – cutting edge in terms of concept and technology and allowing customers to
browse beautiful items in each of the chateau’s rooms – online shopping has exponentially
moved on…and so has La Maison Couture. The focus has sharpened, been pared and
refined to a new clarity. The success of the “Jewellery Room” in the Chateau was
outstanding. This, along with the essential views and wishes of loyal customers, has led to
a redefined boutique, giving a greater emphasis and offer of fine and contemporary
jewelry, as well as a stylish edit of chic lifestyle gifts.
The underlying philosophy remains the same – to source and promote new and emerging
brands from around the world – with a view to giving customers the joy of discovery and
possession. Now that La Maison Couture has condensed and concentrated its collections,
the new concept exhibits the most beautiful and alluring jewelry brands with the
addition of exquisite, original, gorgeous gifts.

Today, luxurious products are widely available. What is distinct to La Maison Couture is
the curation and edit of what is rare, unique, beautifully designed and of exceptional
quality. A modern and contemporary boutique, it houses the latest collections and
precious items. But it is a limited choice. Limited to being the best of the best. La Maison
Couture’s spirit is pioneering and dedicated to the future. It embraces design talent and is
proud to showcase the new and unknown alongside established names – jewelry and
lifestyle designers and brands not widely available.
Along with a fresh, sharp, clean design, the new La Maison Couture site is entirely user-friendly
across all devices, increasing the ease and speed of use for customers. Customer
service is paramount. As well as the special items available for sale, the site provides an
informed editorial – the reasons behind its choices, interviews with and the background
stories of its chosen designers and brands.



[All images thanks to Tania and via La Maison Couture]