Jessie Kuruc : Ring Painter


Jessie Kuruc is a professional watercolorist from DFW, Texas, specialized in gemstones and fine jewelry. She’s 23, engaged (congratulations!) to her best friend in the world, and currently living in Southern California! “I love DIY projects, dogs in pajamas, and Criminal Minds, and I truly have the best job in the world.” – tells Jessie.
I’ve came across her work a while ago through Instagram explorer. Jessie’s paintings of engagement rings are so impeccable and so loveable. Who doesn’t love engagement rings? So I thought it was about time to ask her a few questions:

 photo jessie-kuruc-artist-madeofjewelry_zpsmi2gyoy2.jpg


What do you love about your job?
I think the thing I love the most about my job is painting things that are special and personal! Half of my clients are jewelers and I’m able to create paintings of the jewelry that they put their heart and soul into designing, sourcing, and bringing to fruition, and I feel a lot of responsibility for making those pieces perfect for them. The other half of my clients are brides and grooms, and I’m able to create a piece for them that reflects the most special (tangible) object in their relationship, which is just amazing.




How can someone possibly resist these paintings and gorgeous jewels? Excited yet to be engaged? I hear ya!

 photo jessie-kuruc-collage-madeofjewelry_zps0aw6lquw.jpg

What has been your favorite painting/commission you’ve worked on so far?
I have a few! I did a twelve piece set of constellation rings for Jessie VE, a London based jeweler, and I wear my own constellation ring almost every day so that’s definitely a favorite for me! My other favorite is the ring I painted for Sasha Pieterse from Pretty Little Liars, it was so cool to do my first “celebrity ring” and the funny part is our rings are almost matching!

What’s your favorite diamond cut?
Oh gosh, this answer changes every day! Oval is my favorite on my own hand, but right now I love, love, LOVE asscher cuts!

You recently got engaged (congrats btw!!!), will you make a painting of your beautiful ring for yourself?
Thank you so much!! I absolutely am going to be painting my own ring! I’ve been waiting on it because I may want to do my whole wedding set and we haven’t picked out those rings yet, but it will most definitely be on display at our wedding (and bridal shower, and in our house, and maybe I’ll print out some flyers for the neighbors.).

 photo jessie-kuruc-engagement-ring-madeofjewelry_zpsqwigkx3p.jpgJessie’s engagement ring, which is to die for!!

Where does your passion in art and rings come from?
It’s a new found obsession! I’ve always loved art but was really quite bad at it, so it was a surprise when I took an intro to watercolor class and realized it was my ‘thing.’ Also, I use the word “took” very loosely, I only showed up twice. I think the passion for me is more in the diamonds and gems more so than the rings, but I’ve become obsessed with engagement rings because of how each one uniquely showcases the stones!

Do you have any exciting future things in the work? A collab perhaps?
Yes! So many, actually! Right now I’m in the process of finding an assistant to help me with the merchandise side, but coffee mugs, prints, paper goods, and other things to purchase are currently on the brain! The cost of my paintings keep rising just due to demand so I want to provide plenty of affordable alternatives, so that everyone can have a little piece of my work!

 photo jessie-kuruc-engagement-ring-painting-madeofjewelry_zpstnejxkeq.jpg
What are your other passions besides painting?
My biggest one is thrifting! I thrift and resell clothes on the side and it is my favorite hobby of all time! I just get in my own world and go through racks and racks of clothes. Working from home can be really difficult, so this helps me get out of the house and I’m able to make a little extra ‘fun’ money on the side!



[All images thanks to Jessie Kuruc]