Holiday Gift Guide

Here it is, better late than never, our annual Holiday Gift Guide.
It has been quite a year for all of us. This COVID-19 has messed up everyone’s lives and businesses. It is making people sick or even worse.
But let’s not go into this topic today.
On our side over here, we’ve welcomed our baby girl Imke earlier this year. She’s now 10,5 months old and we couldn’t be more in love with such a tiny human. That being said, she is also keeping us busy which led on my part so little time on what I do love most…blogging about jewelry. So, sorry for being MIA. That’s also the reason why this post is here this late. BUT it actually, late but on time for all of us last-minute shoppers! We can’t see our family and friends during this Holiday Season which means gifting will be done later than usual. Meaning, you’ve still got plenty of time to find that perfect item! Below is a little round-up, hope it helps!
Happy shopping! And, don’t forget to treat yourself a little extra too.

  1. Octavia gem Chrysoprase, Amethyst and Ruby pendant by Nadia Werchola
  2. White Orchid earring by Laurie Fleming Jewellery
  3. Catkin Circle ring by Alison Macleod Jewellery
  4. Cherry Blossom ring by Angely Martinez Jewelry
  5. Wildflower signet by Claus Jewelry
  6. Sapphire Solar Flare pendant by Morgan Patricia Designs
  7. Together ring by Krista McRae, available via Pieces of Eight
  8. Galileo Ball pendant by Pieces of Starr, comes in various sizes
  9. Turquoise Tennis bracelet by Oli & Tess Jewelry
  10. Tourmaline & Zircon ring by Oona Collection
  11. Lucy ring by Workhorse Jewelry
  12. Phoenix Rising Sun pendant by Three Sisters Jewelry Design, gold version here
  13. Pink Geo Signet by Suzi Zutic
  14. Enclosed Pearl ring by Lia Di Gregorio
  15. Libertas ring by Aimee Sutanto
  16. Ada ring by Jilian Maddin