Catherine Michiels : beads and charms

I couldn’t find a creative title so for now, I’ll go with this, might change later. Maybe not! But we’re not here to discuss a title. Today I want to show you two pieces by artisan Catherine Michiels, a Belgian artist working and living in Honolulu, Hawaii. All creations carry a spiritual consciousness shared by those who wear them. They’re hand-crafted using leather, silk, gold, silver and precious stones in distinctive combinations to accentuate the diversity of the symbols and elements used.

Meet the Zia bracelet, which is made with a mini Keshi Tahitian pearl with cocoa and rainbow colors Japanese mosaic beads and vintage gold finish hematite. Easy to put on thanks to the jump ring which you slide over the leather tie to open and close, then knot.

Here is the Mini Mana charm in silver and sapphire, which also comes in Bronze + Garnet and Yellow Gold + Diamond. The Mana is the life force and spiritual power of people, places and objects in the Hawaiian Islands. This is a powerful amulet. “Give more than you receive, Open your heart and share your beauty. “
I’ll definitely wear mine nothing but with good intentions.

Photos by MoJ