Helena Rose Jewelry : Peace and Love ring

A few months ago, friends and designers Orly and Sharon of Helena Rose Jewelry launched their captivating Peace pendants. These pieces boast not only aesthetic appeal but also a thoughtful use of materials. For example the bail, which is now a signature style, is square-ish and it also works as a clip-on, making it effortlessly wearable on your favorite chains. With various sizes and stones, it sure ain’t easy to pick a favorite. Myself I have at least two, haha. the Midsize Pink Opal, the Mini Chrysophrase but also the Mini Tiger Eye. So that makes actually three… All three also coincidentally with Tourmalines.
But today I’m not here to talk about them (not that I don’t want to, though).
No, today I want to put Helena and Rose Jewelry’s Peace and Love ring in the spotlight.

The Peace and Love ring is the newest addition to their Ataraxy collection. The very first one was made with a round cabochon Malachite and Pink Tourmaline, which has already sold.
Orly about the inspiration behind the design: “We had a lot of fun (and many challenges) designing our peace pendants. It took almost a year of back and forth with our incredible design team to get them just right. We knew that we wanted the next addition to the collection to be a ring and that we also wanted the design to be whimsical and playful while still elegant and chic … and so the peace and love ring was born! We are now having fun creating several versions of the ring using hand-selected and hand-cut stones to make various color combinations. The timing of the launch is significant to us as we feel honored to have the opportunity to spread a little love (even if just through some shiny jewels) at a time when it feels so very needed.”

The current available Love & Peace rings feature Lapis and Tanzanite , White Onyx and pink Tourmaline and Pink Opal and Pink Tourmaline. All also set with diamonds to create the peace sign. As Orly said above, all of the stones are custom hand-cut to fit the design.

All imaged thanks to Helena Rose Jewelry || Collage and edits by MoJ