Di Me

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About a year ago, Marla Aaron began working on a project–to bring back a simple and wearable version of the Gimmel ring. The Gimmel ring is a design that has been around since the 14th century. They were often used for wedding rings and contained a special message. Marla loved this idea and wanted to see it beyond a wedding ring. She decided to call her version the Di Me ring. In Spanish to say “Di me ” is to say “Tell me” but in the most intimate way. This ring allows you to tell someone (or yourself) something special. These come in 14K gold and are also great for stacking. Message upon message.
How amazing is that?
Personal messages are the best. The sweet part about this ring is that message is kind of ‘hiddene. Like a secret message. Über-romantic!

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[All images via Marla Aaron and Instagram]