Composition of Jewelry

After just having started Made of Jewelry two years ago now, I discovered Bliss Lau and immediately fell in love with her creations. I got lovestruck with her Fathom ring which haunted me for weeks if not months. Ever since I keep on following Bliss’ newest creations. My latest crush? The Mirage ring set!
It are not only her designs which are fascinating but also, with each ring you can combine it with another and it’s as if you have a created a new ring. You can make your own composition.

Below you can see some of Bliss’ rings, some concepts for mixing different styles that she came up with. All of these are sets and then variations that work together as what she likes to call a “Composition of Jewelry”.
To me, Bliss lau is Majestic. Every single piece and set is beyond beautiful and amazing.

 photo Bliss-Lau-composition-of-jewelry_zpskqxhthib.jpg




[All images thanks to Bliss Lau]