Colorful Rhombus

noor fares ring -madeofjewelry

So rainbow-ish. I like this colorful Rhombus ring by designer Noor Fares.
By all these different stones and colors, it makes the ring more playful. it makes me think of summer because of that.
The long Rhombus ring is pretty piece which I’m sure you wouldn’t be able to take it off. I’m a ring-lover/addict, which you may know by now, so I wouldn’t be able to take it off either.


noor fares long rhombus ring - madeofjewelry
The long Rhombus in two versions:
18K yellow gold set with various coloured sapphires
18K yellow gold set with diamonds and finished in black rhodium

(which is my personal favorite)



[All images via Noor Fares and Instagram | Collages made by MoJ]