Ashley Zhang : Exclusive Jade Collection

Here is Ashley Zhang’s new Jade Collection for the holiday. In honor of the Chinese New Year, which is today, New York-based designer Ashley Zhang and her husband are celebrating by debuting her new Jade Collection. Jade has mainly been used in traditional Chinese jewelry and sculptures, but Ashley has transformed the mineral to create beautiful and modern pieces. This collection is inspirited by that fusion of taking a material with symbolic meaning and mixing it with an Art Deco and modern design aesthetic. 
Each piece is hand-crafted with 18 karat yellow gold, jadeite, and high-quality diamonds. The jadeite was sourced from an old family run gem business that had closed. These pieces were originally cut from rough in the 1950’s, and were the only pieces remaining from them. Each piece is truly unique and one of a kind.

Intense green jadeite, jadeite is a form of jade, is the most highly valued colors of this mineral. Jade has always been a favored gemstone in China, it is considered a lucky charm and full of virtue. So it makes sense Ashley picked jadeite being a part for this collection.

The Jade Collection includes a Bangle, a gorgeous ring, a pair of Drop earrings, Kite earrings and two necklaces – one is a Kite-shapes piece while the other is a Square Jadeite necklace surrounded by Diamonds. As told above, no jade is the same which makes each of them an OOAK and also quite exclusive as each Ashley used vintage jadeite from the 1950’s. It’s a stunning and special small collection of six unique designs, limited edition.
Prices vary between $4000 and $16,000.

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Jade rocks

All images and info thanks to Ashley Zhang