Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

No words are needed to explain this gift guide, it’s all about love. Love for your partner but also all about loving yourself. Anyway, hope you all like this little selection! 14 pieces, selected for that special day, February 14th.
Although, when it comes to love, it should be Valentine’s Day every single day.
Show the people you love how much they mean to you as much as you can. Including yourself.

  1. Romance ring by Rybarova, 9ct yellow gold ring with a rough Pink Sapphire and halo of Champagne Diamonds.
  2. Orange Blossom ring by Ivy Nixon, the orange blossom is a traditional symbol of eternal love, marriage, and fruitfulness.
  3. His Side Her Side by Yama Jewelry, a sweet sparkling Diamond ring.
  4. Acrylic Heart pendant by  Rainbow Vintage 1980, comes in different colors and two sizes. Only via Roseark.
  5. Raw Ruby ring by Variance Objects, a special ring for a special someone 😉
  6.  Wide Chevron ring with Trillion Diamonds by Lizzie Mandler, can be engraved.
  7. Thin True Love ring by FoundRae, comes in black and cream Champlevé enamel and Diamonds. More True Love-pieces here. True Love is about becoming part of something bigger than yourself. It’s not just about romantic love, it’s about self-love, about friendship, about the love between a parent and a child, universal love.
  8. Gold Coral necklace by Georgia Alexandra, a one-of-a-kind just like its owner.
  9. Cobra ring by Andy Life Jewelry, a beauty set with white Diamonds and red enamel.
  10. Sunrise Soul ring by B Joi Jewelry, “Let the beauty of a sunrise fill your soul.”
  11. Holly Blue Agate ring by Gabriella Kiss, because you just can’t go wrong with her pieces!
  12. Double Love Drop necklace by T.Khares Jewelry, it’s just all about love baby! Double the love!
  13. Rainbow studs by Jill Hoffmeister, for the person who brings color into your life.
  14. Aurora III Flicker earrings by Tilda Biehn, available as a single or pair.

Just a few more gift ideas: