Facon Facon : Empire ring

Today I present you one of Facon Facon Jewelry’s newest creations, the Empire Indigo ring.
This design is the newest edition of the Empire ring, another take of the original design. The original Empire ring is a beautiful, simple diamond open ring with a U-shaped ring shank, while the Empire Indigo ring now includes a Tourmaline center which closes the ring.
The U-shape makes it stay on by turning the ring 90 degrees over the knuckle when putting it on. Perfect for the ring finger or to wear as a pinky ring.

Designer Charlotte on her inspiration and hard work: “I work a lot with trying to get new ideas and design out of already existing pieces. So it all comes together as a whole collection – Also getting better at “killing my darlings” – Taking out designs that simply didn’t work or are not selling or aren’t meeting my own expectations after all. Its super important to me that my costumers realize that this is a one-woman-show. That everything is handmade in my studio, that I don’t make 30 new pieces every season and have it all made in Thailand. I want my customer to realize that buying a Facon Facon jewelry is like buying a custom piece. It’s hands-on quality with the best materials. Almost everything is made by order, I don’t have 100 of each style in stock.”

Top to bottom: Empire Indigo ring, original Empire ring and the Empire Reverse ring

“It’s one of the very first designs and one of my bestsellers. So simple! And from that ring, I keep getting new ideas. The shape of the shank makes the foundation of many designs. And the customers are so different in taste – They all have one specific favorite.
From Empire Ring came the Skyline Ring. From that, Empire Brigade, Empire Reverse and now my new Empire Indigo ring.” explains Charlotte about her newest creation.
For the first time, I have added colored stones into my collection. I needed some color, an eye-catcher and a challenge. I find it hard working with other precious stones beside diamonds. Diamonds are easy and uncomplicated. Gemstones take a lot of work. They are seldom calibrated in color, size and shape. It takes patience to find the right pair, and they break easier when setting them. So I’ve focused on diamonds. They are easy to get, you know the cost, the color and quality. But I have come to realize that to improve my designs and collection I have to challenge my own work. Starting easy with beautiful tourmalines in the shape I love, square!” – says Charlotte.
The Empire Indigo ring turned out really beautiful and is a great leveled-up take on the original design. Plus it’s perfect to wear on its own but easy o stack with as well, as pictured below along with a custom ring.

Facon Facon Jewelry will be opening their first shop in spring 2020 in the center of Copenhagen!

All images thanks to Charlotte | Edits via MoJ