Alison Lou : The Sasha ring

You may know Alison Lou best for her Emoji-inspired jewelry and perhaps also for her colorful and fun Loucite earrings.
Well, today I want to present to you Alison’s ah-mazing Sasha ring. I noticed this chic and colorful ring sometime last year, November/December, trough Alison’s Stories on IG. It was instant love, honestly.
The story behind its design, and name, is quite simple but also very meaningful. Designer Alison Chemla designed this ring-style for her best friend Sasha Bikoff and is creating custom variations ever since. More below!

This exact ring should be available in stock, as part of the permanent collection, soon.

So as told above, the first Sasha ring was actually made for Alison’s best friend Sasha who had stones from her mother and she wanted to make something special, personal, and unique.
“After that initial design, we have reset many client’s stones into Sasha rings. When the client provides the stone, we create a custom ring based on the shape of the stone. Once that is complete, we allow our customers to choose up to 6 different enamel colors. There are 6 rows of gold on the Sasha rings (3 on each side). We have also made a number of Sasha rings for customers who do not supply the stone. When we do this, we suggest setting a Rose Cut Diamond. They are so unique in shape, have so much character, and keep the price point much lower. I typically source a parcel of rose-cut stones and send photos to the client or allow them to choose which rose-cut they would like for their ring. 
We always work in 14k gold, and again, the customer can choose what color gold they would like (yellow, rose, or white).”
– as told by Margo, Account & Client Relationship Manager at Alison Lou

All images via Alison Lou | Collages and edits by MoJ