Jillian Madden OOAK Salt and Pepper Diamond Wide band

Wide Bands

Over the past year, probably since last year actually, I noticed wide bands have becoming some kind of trend. And I like it! I love all things fine and delicate for myself but I wouldn’t mind a gorgeous wide band. Since there are quite a few out there, I thought I’d share a selection of all the different styles with you because I’m sure you’ll love them ALL, too!
Also, wide bands as in having a width/dimensions of about 5mm and more.
When considering getting such a band its best to up at least half a size or contact the designer to ask what he/she suggests.
Anyway, of the 24 pieces I selected for you, I’m sure there is at least one you’ll fall in love with!

  1. OOAK Wide Band ring by Maddin Jewelry – about 11mm, this is part of her New upcoming Wide Bands collection and this stunner includes two beautiful Salt & Pepper diamonds from Dream Diam Ltd.
  2. Earth band by Foundrae – 11,5mm, my first wide band love is her Knuckle Duster ring
  3. Wide Diamond band by Era Jewelry – 10mm, also check out her Shield and Hexagon bands
  4. Lotus ring by Polly Wales in “Plum Fade” – about 6mm, comes as “Ocean Fade” and “Frosty Diamonds” but can also be customized
  5. Clive Two-Tone Fluted band by Walters Faith – 15mm, comes in different widths and styles
  6. Everyday Cigar band by Marrow – 10mm, plain yet classic
  7. Eagle Claw Emerald by Elizabeth Street Jewelry – mm, it has a tapered band
  8. Richmond band by Lind And James – 9mm, with a lot of texture going on there.
  9. Hewn Pink Sapphire Diamond ring by Jennifer Dawes – 12mm, the band tapers to 6mm wide
  10. Oval Cut Ripple ring by Kristen Baird – 10mm, here as pictured with a Lemon Quartz. Comes with other gems as well
  11. Turquoise Block ring by Bleecker & Prince – approx 10mm, comes in other colors as well. Be sure to contact Leehe about the options
  12. Liz band by Abby Sparks Jewelry – 21mm, this was a custom redesigned of an heirloom ring
  13. Crixus ring by Renvi -15mm, the piece which made me fall in love with the brand a few years ago now
  14. Baguette Diamond band by Todd Reed, 16mm, a one-of-a-kind band which tapers to 10mm wide
  15. Written In The Stars ring by Sofia Zakia – 7,5mm, comes in a Narrow version which measures 4,5mm
  16. Opal and Tanzanite band by KLArment Designs – 8mm, set in sterling silver and 22k yellow gold bezel
  17. Ombre Borderless Cigar band by Emily P. Wheeler – 8mm, with yellow sapphires
  18. D Flawless Diamond band by Kat Florence – 11mm, it’s a one-of-a-kind
  19. Emerald NESW Diamond ring by Azlee – 7mm, comes with a Ruby center too
  20. Grande Promise ring by KatKim – 15mm, custom variations can be made with alternative stones
  21. Rustic ring by Jen Leddy – 6mm, set with nine rose cut diamonds ranging from ~.04ct – ~.1ct 
  22. Halo ring with Sri Yantra by Ark Fine Jewelry – approx 16mm, the Sri Yantra engraving stands for to inspire manifestation 
  23. Cracked Band ring by Sofia Kaman – 12 mm, comes in different widths too. You might also like her Torn Paper Diamond Stripe which is 15mm.
  24. Polkadot Inlay ring by Marla Aaron – 10mm, features 20 inlaid stones!