Jewelry presents for a New Mom

Think push presents for example! Well, if you follow me on Instagram, you might have seen or read my partner and I are expecting our first child. It has been quite a rollercoaster with downs after downs but here we finally are…with the three of us!
So it’s no wonder I made this round-up, I know. Back to the push presents.
It’s not a new concept at all but just to clarify in case it is new to you, a push present is a gift that a partner gives to the new mom after delivering their child. Ain’t that just sweet? You could also gift a push present to a mother who has just adopted a child as a way to commemorate such an incredible moment in her life. All new moms definitely deserve a little something!

Being/becoming a mom and dad is surely something we should celebrate. And what better to do it with than jewelry, right?
Think initials, birth date engraving, birthstones, etc. But there are so many wonderful options to gift so here you go with a few!

  1. Pacifier pendant by Svenja Jewels,
    comes in various options + comes with a choice of colored cord, or can be purchased with an adjustable 20.5″ and 21″ cable chain necklace. (blog post about this cute token coming soon!)
  2. Medium Elephant pendant by Aurelia Demark,
    but any pendant would make a great gift. It’s hard to pick… Also, the eye can be customized with a diamond, blue sapphire or emerald. 
  3. Signature Classic ID Engravable Pave bracelet by Baby Gold,
    the good thing about their jewelry is that it doesn’t only comes for mama but also for Bebe!
  4. Custom Swivel Signet by Jillian Abboud,
    this ring style features a diamond or gemstone on one side + personalized hand engraving on the reverse. A 100% sentimental ring
  5. Monogram & Birthstones Signet ring by Nixin Jewelry,
    up to three letters and the possibility for 3 to 4 gemstones on one side & even an engraving on the other side!
  6. Tiny Signet Initial charm by Nora Kogan Jewelry,
    comes in various enamel colors
  7. Custom Name ring by Elisa Solomon,
    she also has a variety of customizable gemstone jewelry including a sweet mama ring which I’ve been eyeing myself since a few years
  8. Puffy Star charm by Fatf8ce-Joanna Serven,
    you can choose from two sizes and have them engraved as well. I gifted myself one shortly after we discovered I got pregnant.
  9. Love Charm by Elisabeth Bell Jewelry,
    which I think is really reaaally sweet!
  10. Twiggy ring with “Mama” by My Story Jewelry,
    you also might like it as a necklace. I also personally adore her Charlie pendant (birthstone + initial) and the Ashley pendant a lot!
  11. Lucky Star Birthstone ring by Chupi,
    perfect to stack with too
  12. Amour Heartbeat ring with diamonds by Delphine Leymarie, remember the first time you’ve heard your little one’s heartbeat?
  13. Gothic Nameplate necklace by Louison Rare + Fine,
    comes in two sizes: Petite and Classic (larger)
  14. Sirius ring by Spinelli Kilcollin,
    the three annulets could represent both parents and bebe. Cute though right? Various options/styles available
  15. Black or White Pearl Letter Charm by Kelly Bello Design,
    hard to pick just one item because she has quite a few customizable items!