As I write this post, I’m still thinking on how to decribe this beyond fabulous collection of Ioanna Souflia.
She has been teasing and showing parts of her jewelry pieces on IG and then, a few days ago, she send me her product images (no doubt they look just as marvellous in real) of the  Adoucissement collection. I was like….”oh, sigh…SO good!”.
Her style is really unique and kind of unseen. I find it always hard to describe things I like (a lot!). This collection has a soft feel, perhaps due the color of the marble but however it all is very coherent and so pretty to look at.  It looks soft, but also bold and luxurious
This capsule collection of eleven pieces disguised in a cotton candy peplum of grey Bardiglio Imperiale marble, 14K rose gold and white and grey brilliant cut diamonds is so fabulous and makes such a statement as well.

Ioanna on her collection:
Adoucissement explores the evolution of intensity. As the seed of ‘ecstasy’ flourishes into tenderness, Adoucissement reflects the ethereal warmth of progression.”

Reminiscent of the sunset’s warm palette Adoucissement reaffirms the distinctive sculptural elements of Ioanna Souflia’s work, while reflecting a desire to introduce a ‘smoother’ approach of the tone, volume and contrast between Ioanna’s two old favorites: marble and gold.

Ioanna: “Adoucissement in the beautiful French language means softening.
Made in rose gold and a unique grey marble from Italy, Bardiglio Imperiale, Adoucissement is my interpretation of femininity, a canvas painted with a palette of cotton candy colours.”

On her favorite piece of her newest collection:
“True to my passion for volume and statement pieces, I would say that AD_T earrings are my go to piece from the collection. The combination of the beautifully set grey diamonds and the strong element of the volume of the grey marble are elegantly brought together in these pair of earrings that for me are stunning from the front and the back side where a beautiful pattern is created with cut out 14K rose gold.” – tells Ioanna

Ioanna’s fav, the AD_T earrings. Beautiful front and back, from every angle.



[All images thanks to Ioanna Souflia | Collages/edits by MoJ]