ZAHN-Z Paper Windmill ring

ZAHN-Z : Paper Windmill ring

As an admirer of ZAHN-Z’s Nostalgia Collection, I can only but love the newest member.

First of all, let me tell you about the collection by creative designer Hiba. Think of all the things you used to love as a kid. Toys, candy, board games… Hiba is bringing things to life again, in jewelry form. I can only applaud it! There already is the Let’s Go Fishing pendant. Which is really super cool if I may say so. And now there is the new Spinning Paper Windmill ring. It’s so good. Remember those?

Oh and I almost forgot the best part: it actually spins! Yup, you got that right. The ring includes a spinning mechanism. It is also set with a white diamond and painted with enamel.

Hiba’s inspiration behind the design: “With Children going back to school, I couldn’t but reminisce about that stage of my life & believe me when I tell you, I wasn’t a big fan of school, BUT on Wednesdays I’d jump out of bed ready for the day. IT WAS ART CLASS DAY!!! I remember very well the first art project I was so thrilled about not only because it was colorful, cute and can be done in so many ways but because of its spinning mechanism. The Paper Windmill Project was the first time I learned about utilizing movement in art.”

Images and video by ZAHN-Z | Collage and edits by MoJ