Studio DUSA : Gemma Collection

Hadas Cohen, sustainable fine jewelry designer of Studio DUSA has launched her newest collection! The Gemma Collection.
But first thing first, let’s meet Hadas and her brand: Studio DUSA is a sustainable fine jewelry brand based in Tel Aviv. “The name DUSA is my childhood nickname given by my mother and it gives me great pleasure to use it because I put a lot of ‘myself’ in my jewelry. DUSA is always in my heart and also reminds me of the home, family, and warmth that surrounds me there.” – explains Hadas.
Hadas focuses on timeless designs by using conflict-free stones, lab-grown diamonds and only uses recycled gold. Besides that, compostable packaging is something we can only applaud. So thumbs up to keep our nature and environment in mind! Studio DUSA is proudly an eco-friendly brand.

The jewelry pieces of the Gemma collection were inspired by the deep, meaningful colors of gemstones in unusual shapes and compositions, that they were able to achieve thanks to Dusa’s friends at gemstone Brazil who use fair trade stones which were cut especially for this collection. The stones include Sky Blue Topaz, Peridot, London Blue Topaz, Garnet and Blue Sapphire.

“I wanted to put gemstones as the main center stone because they have a magical look, and they have a rich inner world.” -says Hadas.

The designs are sleek and timeless and so easy to wear and perfect to style with whatever other jewelry you own. I imagine them worn with a deep v-neckline but also with a sweater. I see the rings paired with gold bands and other gemstone rings and also diamond rings. The options with these rings, earrings, and necklaces are endless. Up to you to pick a favorite piece of the Gemma Collection.

All imagery via Studio DUSA | Collages and edits by MoJ