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I couldn’t resist to show you these incredible bracelets by LinaNoel. Her pieces have that playfull kind of style but that’s what makes me love them even more.
Wearable sculpture with a touch of glam. Well described, huh?
Anyway, these bracelets, Saying bracelets are so fun. You can get them with lines such as “Knock knock knock on the wood”, “Thank you thank you thank you”, “Kiss Kiss Bang Bang” and “Eye Love You”. In case you prefer another saying, lyric or whatsoever…contact Linanoel. That will make the bracelet more unique to you.
Like I said, or if I haven’t done so yet, I adore these bracelets.
Myself I particulalry love the ‘Eye Love You’ one, with its cute eye and heart. ♥ u!

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[All images via LinaNoel and Instagram | Edit and Collage by MoJ]