We Wore What X Bing Bang

wwwxbb - madeofjewelry

The capsule collection by  We Wore What X Bing Bang NYC is finally here. Blogger Danielle Bernstein had announced not this long ago about a certain collaboration and here it is. An amazing collection of knuckle rings. It excists out of two sets, the Gold Midi ring set and the Trinity Midi ring set.
The Gold Midi set  features a ‘Marquis Eye Ring’ accompanied by 3 simple stacking midi gold bands while the Trinity Midi eatures a yellow gold ‘Marquis Eye Ring’, signature silver BB Skull in the ‘Midi Skull Ring’ & a simple rose gold midi band.

If you love Danielle and Bing Bang, then these ring sets are made for you!

www x bb rings - madeofjewelry


www x bb trinity rings - madeofjewelry


[All Images via Bing Bang and We Wore What | Collage made by MoJ]