Warrior, I am!

communion joy smith Warrior necklace - madeofjewelry

Seriously, we are all warriors. Trying to survive each day and face the daily things that comes smaching in our face. But we can do it, even though we do not look like Xena.
By coincidence, Joy from Communion by Joy Smith has liked a picture on my instagram. And yup, I do look at peoples their accounts from time to time when they have liked/double tapped a post. And voila!
As you can already guess, I loved the images I saw and immediately looked at Joy’s website and loving the Warrior collection.
My favorite piece is the Warrior necklace. I do want it. It is so beautiful

joy smith warrior necklaces - madeofjewelry

Sterling Silver w/ colored Sapphires | Gold Vermeil w/ Onyx stones | Sterling Silver w/ white Sapphires


[All images via Joy Smith | Collage made by MoJ]