Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

Ever thine, ever mine, ever ours… Just a tiny little fragment which some of you may know. Probably thanks to Carrie Bradshaw! It’s taken from Beethoven’s love letter to his Immortal Beloved. Too sweet, right?
While writing this, does any of you still write love letters or even just a little sweet note?? I certainly do, but hey…can’t help it to be a romantic!

As per tradition, here is our little V-day Gift Guide in case you’re still looking for something special! 16 pieces, not 14 – that would have been too cliché, haha – to swoon over:

  1. Rainbow Pavé Hexagon pendant necklace by Harwell Godfrey
  2. Sticks and Stones Oval Duo earring by Mason Grace Jewelry, more colors here
  3. Heart Love Token medallion by Foundrae, add any initial(s) you want. Also, check out the Clover and Love Knot medallions.
  4. Tourmaline Marquise ring by Meitalove Jewelry
  5. Diamond Mirror ring by Nishi Jewelry
  6. Titan ring by Acanthus Jewelry, here pictured with a Sunstone center
  7. Small Pavé Heart pendant by Stephanie Gottlieb – Comes in Mini, Medium and Jumbo as well
  8. Eternity Crown ring by Carter Eve Jewelry
  9. Unity Heart pendant by Loriann Jewelry, you might also like this Unity ring or this Heart Shaped Harmony ring!
  10. Swivel Signet by Jillian Abboud
  11. Cypher necklace with Diamonds by Susan Siegel Jewelry, it opens so you can tuck in a little (sweet) note. More styles here
  12. Double Heart Drop earrings by Brent Neale
  13. Vintage Triple Marquise Diamond ring via St.Eloi
  14. Samara ring by Porter Gulch
  15. Georgian Style Heart ring by Shan Adams Jewelry
  16. Opaque Grey Diamond ring by T. Morgan Made, it’s a one-of-a-kind

Some more love: