Rosedale Jewelry : Trillion


As soon as I had laid my eyes one Rosedale‘s Amana ring, on instagram, I was simply mesmerized.
Designer Kate Kramer and I have this one thing in common: unusual shapes. That’s what the Amana ring has.
It is a beautiful fine modern ring with a square cut sapphire with on top of it a green trillion cut sapphire. Marvelous! The juxtaposition of those two stones is a match made in heaven.
Geometric shapes, beautiful stones and this all set in one beautiful ring. No wonder I am a ring-addict! And I think I am obsessed with this one. Don’t judge me!

Loving the Amana ring? Then you’ll adore the Amana midi ring with pink and green sapphires too. Delish!



[All images via and thanks to Rosedale Jewelry]