Theresa Kaz Jewelry : The Sparkliest Sunrise

Theresa Kaz Jewelry is an eponymous fine jewelry brand based in New Jersey.  The richness and warmth of 18k gold serves as a palette for intricate custom cut semi-precious gemstones as well as fancy cut diamonds. An amalgamation of celestial motifs reimagined, classic geometric cuts reinterpreted, and subtle deco influences inspired the collection which fuses an artfully whimsical with timelessly elegant style. 

Theresa lives in Bergen County, NJ with her husband, two neanderthal sons and pit bull Ruxpin.  Ruxpin is the nicest one to her.  She is an avid happy hour attendee, weightlifting junkie (@diamondsandiron, girl power!), coffee lover and sarcasm enthusiast.


I personally not only love the shape and colors but I like the tapered baguettes which are all in different colors.
The Sunrise necklace is set with a sapphire half moon which is surrounded by an ombré range of blue topaz, kyanite, tanzanite, and aquamarine tapered baguette sun rays with a star dusting of diamonds. Such a treat for the eye, right?!

Theresa about the inspiration behind the Sunrise necklace:
“The inspiration for this style (one of my personal favorites from the collection) was the sun rising over the Atlantic Ocean. I’m a naturally early riser. I go to the gym by 5 a.m. every morning and when I’m down the shore with my husband and two sons,
I still get up at 4:30 and go sketch down by the beach as the sun rises. It feels meditative for me, the peace, solitude, and beauty at that hour. So the sunrise necklace
is really an interpretation of the beauty of the reflection of the sunrise over the ocean at dawn. It also is a reminder of one of my favorite quotes, “Every sunrise is a new opportunity.”.

I adore this quote now too!

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All images thanks to Theresa Kaz Jewelry | Collages and edits by MoJ