Jewelry Under $500

jewelry-under-500 USD-madeofjewelry

A few days ago I questioned, via a poll in my IG Stories, you guys if you wanted me to make a list of some jewelry pieces under $200 or under $500. At first many of you voted for $200 but it ended up to be very a close call so I’m gonna do both and start with a list of jewelry under $500 as you can see above. A post with jewelry under $200 will come next!


  1. Linked necklace by Lizzie Mandler, $300
  2. Vega ring in Sterling Silver by Ashley Childs, $345
  3. Selon le Diamond ring in 14k Yellow Gold by Yama, $490
  4. Dainty Citrine and Black Diamond by Skyler Man, $375
  5. Turquoise Teardrop signet in sterling silver by Talon NYC, $230
  6. Fairy Princess ring by Charlie and Marcelle via Local Eclectic, $475
    More Fairy Princess styles here
  7. Gold Bar of Diamonds in 14k gold by Mateo, $410
  8. Bohème Mini Delph ring by Delphine Leymarie, $335
  9. ‘Femme’ The Unicorn charm by Jennifer Fisher, $350
  10. Antares necklace by Carmen Diaz Jewelry, $495
  11. Turquoise + Diamond Arc ring in 14k yellow or rose gold by Alexis Russel, $318
  12. Custom Mini Horizon studs by Ariel Gordon, $415
  13. V ring by Stephanie Gottlieb, $340
  14. Sea Foam bangle by Morgan Patricia Designs, $255
  15. Clara bracelet by J. Hannah Jewelry, $425
  16. Hunter earring by Tarin Thomas, $228
  17. Trillion Diamond ring by Vrai & Oro, $435
  18. Mobile earrings by Jessica Winzelberg, $280
    More styles available here
  19. Contour pendant by Rachel Swan, $370
  20. Oculus Bar ring set with black diamonds in sterling silver by Dana Bronfman, $485
  21. Rainbow Moonstone and Blue Sapphire Sterling Silver Oval necklace by Justin Brown, $415
  22. Large Two-Step Chain earrings by WWAKE, $373
  23. Little Heart Gold ring by Hotcrown, $270
  24. Archena ring by DMD Metal, $450
  25. Sophia Ryan diamond huggies by Dana Rebecca Designs, $385