The Minimalist

 photo bliss-lau-Richard-Serra-minimalist-ring-madeofjewelry_zpsqzynd8x7.jpg

As a huge fan of Bliss Lau I just couldn’t resist not not to include her in this months bridal/engagement themed blog posts. Her work is beyond unique and so divine. DIVINE!
This ring proves it very well. The ring is an homage to Bliss’ favorite Minimalist Sculptor, Richard Serra.

The ring features the Bliss Lau signature stabilizing shape, engineered with a squared bottom to balance the ring centrally on the finger. This bottom style gives the ring a modern look.
I wouldn’t be able to say no to this ring!
It’s gorgeous and glamorous from every angle. It’s classic yet modern and sophisticated. This gem surely can be the perfect engagement ring.

 photo Bliss-Lau-Minimalist-ring-green-sapphire-madeofjewelry_zpsx4tlkraw.jpgThe Minimalist Semi Mount with a green sapphire center stone.

 photo Bliss-Lau-Minimalist-ring-garnet-madeofjewelry_zpsmhgdfoff.jpg

The Minimalist Semi Mount with garnet as center stone.



[All images via and The Hundreds | Collages and edit by MoJ]