Ice on Fire

 photo Ice-On-Fire-double-halo-ring-madeofjewelry_zpswh7b8fhg.jpg
Each individual has different likes and tastes. Same when it comes to bridal.
Some want a classic ring, others one with a colorful stone, some want something extremely unique and then there are those who want something big and sparkling.
something with that royalty feel about it.
This beautiful  engagement ring by Ice on Fire jewelry is that one special ring that stands out.
What I personally like most about this ring, besides its diamond, is the split shank. It gives that extra little ‘oomph’ to the ring, distinction.

 photo IceOnFire-jewelry-madeofjewelry_zpswkxxwpxq.jpg
Michael on the design:
“The design was meant to keep a simple traditional look while still upholding the elegance that an engagement ring should have. I see a woman leading a simple life wearing an engagement ring like this. Someone who gets joy and pleasure out of the simple things life has to offer; yet, still does everything with elegance and class. The design was inspired by my desire of making a ring that would remain simple, having the diamonds and the gold that it is made of do the talking. To show that simpleness can look elegant as well.”

 photo IceOnFire-double-halo-ring-madeofjewelry_zpsqautod9j.jpg


[All images via Ice on Fire]