Spring Colors

As told in the previous round-up, this one is all about colors. Happy colors. Because honestly, a pop of color never hurts and it brings us that joyful feel too!

  1. Galactic ring by Seb Brown
  2. Harlequin Nesting set by Jenny Reeves
  3. Pink Sapphire Dome Shaker Earrings by Moritz Glik, probably my fav!
  4. Rose Cut Ruby Halo ring by Elizabeth Street
  5. Yellow Sapphire necklace by Karen Liberman
  6. Pavé Bar Ruby ring by Ephemeral Jewelry
  7. You Are My Rainbow sapphire ring by Dana Seng Jewelry
  8. Multi-stone earrings by Melissa Joy Manning
  9. Cirque Petite Cloud Swing ring by Jane Taylor
  10. Rose Quartz and Amethyst layered earrings by Loriann Jewelry – the colors are just right…happy, happy! Couldn’t be missed in here
  11. Petite V Rainbow hoops by Alison Lou
  12. Desert Nights Sunstone ring by Marrow, gotta love Oregon sustones!
  13. Multi-stone ring by Delfina Delettrez
  14. Ruby, Sapphire and Topaz ring by Loren Stewart
  15. Green Tourmaline single earring by Irene Neuwirth
  16. Turquoise Heart ring by Artemer
  17. Cora Large Rivière necklace by Larkspur & Hawk
  18. Cloud Sheperd earrings by Bibi van der Velden
  19. Nova ring by Isa Denig
  20. Noam earrings by Lines Jewelry
  21. Rainbow Brite bracelet by Roxanne Assoulin
  22. Metamorphosis necklace by Ella Green Jewelry
  23. To Manifest ring by Katherine Bowman
  24. Cushion Emerald & Yellow Gold Pavé Diamond Ring by Gillian Conroy
  25. Yellow and mixed color Tourmaline, Opal and diamond earrings by Eden Presley


Some more: