Sia Taylor

Dots, dots, golden dots everywhere!
Sia Taylor made me love necklace layers even more than I did ever before. Her delicate pieces are made in gold and silver and represent clusters of insect eggs, seeds and grasses, with her inspiration coming from nature and organic structures. Little dots appear in most of her creations – which is her signature style, organic shiny jewelry. Dainty yet playful.

Sia Taylor necklaces

Sia Taylor’s AW16 pieces are a must have and fun to play with.
Below are a few pretty bracelets of the collection.

Sia Taylor bracelets

You can find Sia Taylor’s designs at:
* Twist Online
* Saks Fifth Avenue
* WhiteBird Jewellery
* Von Bargen’s
* August
* The Garnered
* Liberty London
* ABC Carpet & Home
* Egan Day

[All images thanks to MoJ | Collages by MoJ]