Shopping with Swoonery

Online shopping is what these days is working so well for our generation. You don’t have to deny it, we’ve all purchased all kinds of different things online. Whether it’s from your laptop or your phone…
There’s where Swoonery comes in. An online jewelry platform, with a cute name, founded by Jean Poh in 2016.
Swoonery is Jean’s solution to the difficulties and inconveniences that people face when trying to shop for jewelry and the challenges that designers are confronted with in an outdated and inefficient industry. She was compelled by her love of fine jewelry to create a platform for people to connect with exquisitely crafted pieces and experience the true beauty and integrity behind the art of jewelry-making.
Create your account on which will provide you a number of important benefits and gives you access to all of their shopping tools like creating a style profile, saving products to a hint list and saving your ring sizes. Handy right?

anissa kermiche perle rare ring madeofjewelry

swoonery anissa kermiche perle ring madeofjewelry

I have been able to treat myself with this lovely little ring by Anissa Kermiche, the Black Gold Perle Rare ring. I have been scrolling through the many designers Swoonery carries and has been saving some pieces I loved. From there I selected a top three and tadaaaa, I finally decided to get myself this delicate piece which BTW is one of Anissa’s first creations.

swoonery anissa kermiche perle ring madeofjewelry



[All images by MoJ]