Bridal stack by Selin Kent

Selin Kent : how to shop for your bridal ring

Staying in the bridal kind of vibe, I thought I should ask a jewelry designer on how to shop for that perfect engagement or wedding ring and what the design process is like. So here is little Q&A just for you!
Also, know that man or woman, you can pick or create your dream engagement ring yourself. It doesn’t necessarily have to be your partner who decides on the ring when popping the questions. You can have yours custom made or you can pick a ring out TOGETHER. You can also hint (send emails with links, tag him/her on Instagram posts) your other half of which styles and designers you’re most drawn to. Either way, do as you like!

What do people have to consider when choosing their bridal jewelry?
Selin: It’s a difficult world to navigate with so many options out there, but if you decide to work with a designer to make something a bit less ‘cookie-cutter’ and more special, it’s best to work with a designer whose past work and aesthetic you admire. Part of the role of the designer is to help you navigate all the different options. I think it’s about finding the right balance between unique/special and timeless – sometimes those two things can feel like they’re at odds with each other but that doesn’t have to be the case. 

What’s the design process for any custom bridal piece? (engagement ring, wedding bands for him & her)
After settling on a concept and general design, we begin to source materials for the piece. If the client is in NYC, they’ll have a chance to come by our showroom and go over options in person. Otherwise, we can do this remotely and I give them a detailed breakdown of the options. Once those materials are sourced and decided upon, we can begin actually modeling the piece and show the client renderings of what the piece will look like. It’s important to keep in mind that renderings are a computerized (and very mechanical-looking) depiction and that the piece will ultimately be made by hand. We then look at the renderings together and the client has a chance to make any adjustments. Once the rendering is approved, we can start production on the piece. It varies from piece to piece, but from start to finish the process takes about one month. 

Custom engagement ring by Selin Kent

What are currently the most popular (bridal) pieces of your current collection?
We’ve been doing really well with rings that work as engagement rings or wedding bands, such as our Helia Pavé Ring and similar styles. 

For bridal rings, do you suggest 14k or 18k gold and why?
We generally suggest 14k gold because it’s more durable than 18k gold, which is important when it’s a piece that will be worn on a daily basis.
A client lives in another state or abroad, can they still work with you for their dream ring?
Absolutely! We work with most of our clients remotely! 

For those questioning about why 14k is more durable than 18k gold, read about it here. It’s all about the percentage of gold, which makes it more or less durable and 18k gold is also more prone to being affected by every-day use as it is softer than 14k gold. So 14k sure is always the best option for me as well.

All images via Selin Kent | Collages and edits by MoJ