Aurelia Demark Zodiac Collection

Aurelia Demark : Zodiac collection

Can I say that I just love Aurelia Demark‘s newest Zodiac collection? In astrology, there are always 12 astrological signs. And so, this collection includes these 12 signs. Twelve unique pendants, on which Aurelia and her mom Martine collaborated on meticulously to get every detail right. Aurelia’s mom is an artist and it’s actually very nice to see how mother and daughter work together hand-in-hand. Mama Martine Drackett is a muralist and studied art in Paris, where she is from. Her first job was designing fabric for Pierre Frey. She now lives in Sun Valley, Idaho where she paints commissions for clients. “She is also a fabulous cook, a great cross-country skier, and a major dog lover!” says Aurelia.
The Zodiac Collection is a fresh interpretation of the ancient and universally loved signs of the zodiac. The star signs are handcrafted into a clean, modern design from 18K yellow gold with precious stones. Each pendant can be set with a diamond, blue sapphire or any birthstone.
The designs are very different than what’s out there and they turned out amazingly!

Q&A with designer Aurelia about her Zodiac Collection:

Why did you want to create a Zodiac collection? Where came the idea from?
We were intrigued by the challenge of designing fresh interpretations of the ancient and universally loved zodiac signs. We sensed there was an opportunity to offer a different point of view when representing the 12 signs of the Zodiac. We omitted the sign’s name on the pendant as we wanted to keep the jewelry surface clean, but also intended for these pieces to have more universal appeal beyond the zodiac signs. Clients can engrave whatever they wish on the back of the pendant and the stone color can be personally selected. 

You and your mom worked on this together, can you explain the design process a bit?
Our design process is unusual in the sense we work long distance. She lives in Idaho and I’m in New York so we review sketches and discuss design ideas over text, email or on the phone. And when we’re together we will review sketches, but unfortunately, we don’t see each other so often. There are lots of iterations, revisions and questions we ask with each design:  Is there too much negative space? Does the attitude of the design make sense with the sign’s personality? Is this something a woman will want to wear? (We felt a full scorpion’s body was difficult to wear so we focused on just the tail) Will the design work? (aka. The horns won’t snag your sweater!) Once we confirm the design in sketch form, I’ll put it into Illustrator and Rhino and begin the prototyping process by making a piece in silver. Once the design is sampled in metal, we may rework the design a bit as it takes on a new life in metal. We actually completely redesigned the Capricorn just before launching the collection as it didn’t feel right sitting next to the other finished pieces.

It all starts with preliminary sketches, making little variations here and there like the cape, for example, and changing the face so it feels more right.

I remember chitchatting a bit with you on this collection earlier this year, but how long did it take from start to finish, aka launch, to finalize this collection?
It took us about a year to finalize all 12 designs. Working long-distance has its challenges in the sense that we’re not reporting to the same office every day. I was also busy launching my website with our launch collection, Les Joujoux, and welcoming our second daughter so there were some distractions to the design process. In a way, it’s a good thing we weren’t on a strict deadline as it enabled us to produce designs we really loved and felt confident about.

On the top left are the silver prototypes. The top knot is being removed to make her bigger within
the frame as well as her figure is changed.
And voila, the Libra zodiac is all done!

What did you love most about creating this Zodiac collection?
The challenge of finding new ways to illustrate the star signs was exciting. And my mother and I really believe in the power of astrology so it was an incentive to create pieces fellow believers would connect with and love to wear. And it was fun to partner with my mother again- we work well together!

Can you describe AD’s customers’ style in a few words? What do you think is the identity of the women wearing your designs?
Our clients’ style and identity vary tremendously, but they all appreciate new jewelry designs that will outlive trends. Almost always our clients say our designs make them happy as they often signify special moments or milestones in their lives.

Do you have a motto to live by?
I read an article right at the time I had my first daughter and was leaving my job at Tory Burch after being there for 7 years. It was daunting to make a change, but this quote by Mickey Drexler really resonated with me:  “Have a huge conviction in what you want to do and don’t be afraid.” And Tory Burch always said to “Treat negativity as noise”. Both of these are written inside my medicine cabinet as daily reminders.

Each sign comes in three sizes: Small, Medium and Large. For customers who want a more delicate piece, the designs also come as a Mini Zodiac Bracelet or Mini Zodiac Necklace (which is smaller than the small pendant). You can find different chain options here (neck) and here (wrist).
Aurelia is also working on the Grand Zodiacs – the Grand Libra is the first of this size. It’s a much larger medallion with a more elaborate border unique to the sign’s personality.

The Zodiac pendants are meant to be heirlooms that you will cherish and wear close to your heart. May the stars in your world always be aligned. With a baby on it’s way over here, I have my eyes on the Aquarius pendant! I’m obviously also adoring the Virgo, which is my sign, ha! So I guess these are my personal favorites hehe.
What’s your Zodiac sign??

Photography by Robin Verrier and Alain Simic | Collages by MoJ