Raw Pink Tourmaline

 photo byangeline-ring-madeofjewelry_zps7h6gltxo.jpg
If you area huge fan of raw gemstones and rings, you will adore by Angeline‘s one of a kind rings. I do, a lot.
This ring as featured today for example, is one of these you actually only could die for then. The Raw Pink Tourmaline Diamond ring is a 14k rose gold ring, hand carved in wax. The Raw rough pink tourmaline is surrounded by two raw conflict free diamonds. A beautiful three stone ring. No worries if you love this baby and she appears to be sold out because Angeline has similar ones available!

 photo byAngeline-pink-tourmaline-madeofjewelry_zpseggvsutk.jpgSome more unique rings:

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[All images via by Angeline]