Ever since I discovered Mineralogy Design via Etsy earlier this year, I simply became a huge fan of designer Theresa’s rings. They are astonishing. Her handcrafted creations can perfectly all be alternative engagement rings. They all are magnificent in their own simplistic way without actually being simple at all. They are all clean and neat with that perfect amount of sparkle. All of her pieces are in perfect harmony and it’s so nice to see what combinations you can make with all these. It’s actually that good that as a customer you wouldn’t even be able to decide which one to go for within a minute. Possibly not even within an hour. What I’m trying to say is that Mineralogy’s creations are each perfect for the modern girly girl. Modern yet classic but also feminine. The designs are so unique, it only makes it harder to choose. (Her custom designs are to die for, BTW!)
My favorite? Say favorites…I have nine of them to be honest! I also asked Theresa which one is her current favorite…happens she also has multiple ones! Read more about it below!

As it was hard for me to go for just one ring, I decided to show you a fabulous ring combination of two rings, which look amaze stacked together. And I truly hope you love what you see because you should also take go take a look at her other designs online or via Etsy.
Coincidence or not, one of Theresa’s current favorites is the Diamond Curve ring, too.

Diamond Semicircle ring & Diamond Curve ring

Theresa takes inspiration mainly from the gems and minerals she works with. “I love to lay them out on my work bench and position them in different ways until they feel like they were meant to be together. It’s a fun and organic process that results in many things not working out and then there are the pieces that work together just perfectly. Some of my designs are drawn out and then I arrange the stones according to my design and then take pictures to reference later. Then I rearrange my original composition into several other versions and document them. It’s interesting to find that your first instincts aren’t always right. And if they are, it’ll be even more apparent to you because you considered additional options. I had a professor in art school that always encouraged us to look at our work in reverse and to never think that the first version is best. Sometimes the design ends up sideways or upside down and it visually makes more sense.” explains Theresa.

Theresa: “My current favorites are the multi-diamond curve band, the double diamond semicircle ring, and the diamond curve band (as pictured above). I enjoy looking at their composition over and over and of course, I love looking at the diamonds, ha! Some of the work I am even more excited about are the new rings that I’ll be rolling out in 2016. They’re all designed and documented and I just have to make them once all of my holiday work and custom engagements are fulfilled for the year! I am sure my new favorite will be the turquoise, diamond, and citrine ring I have been dying to make!”

Double Diamond Semicircle ring & Multi Diamond Curve ring

As when it comes to her plans in 2016, she says:
“I am working on my goals for 2016, but I feel like 2015 will be a hard year to beat! In the summer of this year I opened up my studio as a brick and mortar shop, so it’s been an especially exciting year and a great feeling that I don’t know if I can top! But on a design note, I am eager to put out some of my new work that’s still in my sketchbook to its final form and share with everyone. I’m continuing to get clients with vintage heirloom jewelry that I’m re-designing into modern commitment rings, which is something I never thought I would have the opportunity to do. It’s so intriguing to hear the stories and it’s an honor to be trusted to create something so special for my clients. I feel like my studio/shop has broadened my foray into more personal custom work and I feel so grateful to have the opportunity to build these relationships with my clients as we create jewelry together. I’m looking forward to 2016 for all the new designs, experiences and relationships that will come out of it!”
Ain’t she inspirational!?


[All images via Mineralogy Design]