Pieces of Starr

Designer Starr Mills of Pieces of Starr, based in Atlanta, crafts her creations lots of passion…well, obviously. I came across her IG page a few months ago and I instantly liked her style. Bold with a touch of dreamy and magical details. When I say that thinks starburst, planets, sparkling diamonds, colored gemstones, unicorns…
She gets her inspiration from Lisa Frank, My Little Pony, Rihanna and also her mother. She creates pieces for the daring individual who is modern and strong.

Cabochon Tourmaline rings with hidden celestial details

Her goal is for empowered people to wear her fine jewelry that speaks to their identity as modern, empowered, modern, sexy and refined. She also has no interest in mass production or whatsoever. That because she wants to keep the uniqueness and integrity in her work, which I only but can applaud.

Round pinky Signet ring with Sapphires
Small, Medium and Large Celestial bands

You can shop all these and more right here

As pictured below are Starr’s Eyelash Solitaire rings. Beautiful setting! A new design which will be available soon.

For custom inquiries, yes Starr also does custom work as well, contact her here.

All imagery via Pieces of Starr and IG | Collages by MoJ