Pieces of Mine

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At Pieces of Mine, who has recently launched, is an online destination for unique jewelry pieces from independent designers from around the world. Their motto is: Because ‘Made by’ matters. That, I do love!
There is no reason in this day and age why consumers would not be able to access designers from across the world, each of which makes pieces influenced by their own culture, heritage and personalities. I couldn’t agree more with that. As you might be a fellow jewel passionate or perhaps looking for something particular, it’s good to know there are retailers like PoM who make it possible for everyone to purchase pieces from designers based from around the world, no matter where we live ourselves.
Read more about PoM and their aesthetic below in a Q&A with founder Nadine.

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Rings by Vera Vega

Q&A with founder Nadine:

What made you decide to pursue a career in jewelry?
I always had a love for jewelry since a young age, or should I say for all shiny objects in general! I think jewellery is something so personal, every piece means something different to different people, and it is that story or that memory that makes a jewel really special.

Jewelry has been slightly lagging in terms of e-commerce presence compared to other fashion categories, but I am convinced that that is rapidly changing and it is exciting to be part of connecting a new generation of jewelry makers with the tech savvy customers from today.

Why ‘Pieces of Mine’?
I chose ‘Pieces of Mine’ because I think it conveys the passion and love that all these jewelry designers have for their creations. Whenever I speak to designers, they often make reference to feeling as if every piece they create carries a bit of them inside it. Hence, the jewelry pieces on Pieces of Mine literally represent a piece of them. At the same time it also reflects how we hope our customers feel; a piece from Pieces of Mine is personal, unique and reflects their own style.

What is the vision or the message that Pieces of Mine is trying to convey?
Pieces of Mine wants to introduce the concept of independent jewellery designers to a wider audience. We believe that when looking for jewellery, customers are always looking for something unique and personal, but unfortunately high quality, small independent designers are not easily accessible. We provide a curated platform full of exciting new jewelry designs, where customers can read all about the makers of the pieces and connect with local designers from all around the world.

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Jewels by Carmen Chan

 What’s the aesthetic behind PoM?
Pieces of Mine is focused on high quality, innovative, fashionable yet durable jewellery. When we curate for our platform, we look for pieces with unique and authentic designs which we do not think are currently available in high street stores.

Ultimately, we want customers to feel that they are buying something truly special and one-of-a-kind; none of our designers mass produce their products (in fact the majority is still handmade) and many of the designers use (semi-)precious metals and real gemstones. The jewellery pieces on Pieces of Mine are influenced by the designer’s own culture, heritage and style and that is the true aesthetic behind Pieces of Mine – jewellery with personality!


[All images thanks to Nadine of Pieces of Mine]