OONA Collections

Oona is a fine handmade-jewelry brand founded by Maria Moro in 2013 that aims to revive and foster traditional jewellery values and techniques. As Maria always was attracted to antique pieces, gems and the techniques of local craftsmen, she began over the years to create and design her own pieces, learn gemmology and revive old jewellery-making processes and techiques. Maria lives between Madrid and Sri Lanka where she makes the production.
Her inspiration comes from travelling, searching and browsing for antiques and any artistic expression from the colonial times in the Asian continent. Art has been present forever in her life and she has an extensive background in the interior design and fashion worlds which have given her skills for the design and creation of fine jewelry pieces.

The Oona collections pieces are each handmade by master artisans in Sri Lanka. Maria works closely with selected craftsmen and goldsmiths for each part of the making process. She aims to revive the traditional jewellery techniques and support the collective of local artisans. Fine craftsmanship with the utmost care and attention to detail characterises each piece following Maria’s designs and the result is delicate jewels vintage inspired with a contemporary style.

Oona has currently four collections, Lotus, Philo, Vintage and Gems of Ceylon (see below) which are inspired by early and mid 20th century style and the influence that the European design left in the colonies in the Asian continent.

Lotus Collection
Inspired by the Art Deco period, clean lines characterise the design of this collection with a fine setting of old diamonds mixed with other gems such as spinels, rubies or sapphires.

 photo OONA_diamond-sbracelets-madeofjewelry_zpscprk0zql.jpg

Philo Collection
A collection of delicate settings of natural gems and precious stones for pieces reflecting the early century style, sapphires, tourmalines, topaz, spinels, etc…
Perfect for Spring if you’re looking for a touch of color!

 photo OONA_sapphires-drop-earrings-madeofjewelry_zpsitz1w1l9.jpg

Vintage Collection
The collection comprises pieces inspired by various colonial eras, whilst simultaneously retaining a contemporary style. Each piece is unique in its design and creation set in a rich variety of precious stones.
These pieces are classic and timeless. Perfect to wear at all times.
 photo OONA_rose-cut-diamonds-rings-madeofjewelry_zpspgljqmqu.jpg


Gems of Cylon
An exclusive collection created to enhance the natural beauty of the gems of Sri Lanka. One of a kind pieces set with the finest craftmanship preserving the natural colors and shapes of the stones.
The island of Ceylon, known the “Jewel of the Indian Ocean” which is like no other place on Earth has produced such a wide variety of gems and precious stones: sapphires, topaz, amethysts, tourmalines, moonstones.
 photo OONA_zirconring-madeofjewelry_zpst0kov5gd.jpg
Jewels that evoke the intense colors of the tropical nature. From the tropical rainforests and green tea gardens to the wide sandy beaches and the blue of the ocean. Green, blue and sand colored natural gems reflecting the scenic beauty of the island of Ceylon..
Every gemstone is carefully selected by Maria who is involved in the entire process: polishing, shaping and faceting the stones as a key part of the design.
The rings are my favorites. Love their style and the different stones which make each ring amaze but also modern and bright.
 photo OONA-sapphire pendant-madeofjewelry_zpsxft2rrrk.jpg
All pieces of the newest collection, Gems of Ceylon,  will be presented soon at stockists here.