NVM Design

When traditional craftsmanship meets 3D printing:
NVM Design is founded Allegra Crespi and Martin Griswold out of an interest in technology and its potential to challenge the frontiers of design 3D printing jewelry Based in New York City. NVM believes in exclusive, limited runs and one-of-a-kind, numbered pieces. Every one of their items is 3D printed, then hand finished by local artisans to ensure it stands as a true reflection of the design’s original vision.
They create pieces by using 3D printers and 3D scanners which are today a new set of technologies which changes the way how objects are made.

NVM 001 launhes today, the very first collection by NVM Design.
The theme of the collection is rebirth. The first creative element we used was ‘lichen’, a dry moss which grows on trees and stones. They gathered the actual lichen from Cold Spring, NY, and adapted it to meet their vision. Their second element is a ‘crystal’ texture we generate with a computer algorithm that replicates, adjusts, and places individual cubes to create a cohesive look.
These two elements and melding traditional craftsmanship with 3D printing  result to a wonderful collection which is smooth but also with strong lines.

While Allegra does all of the design, Martin works an all the technology. A killer combo.


 Sara Pendant — The body of the Scara Pendant is modeled from the base of a Roman amphora. Worn with a white t-shirt or a low cut top, the Scara is adaptable as it is understated.

 Nikki Nameplate — The Nikki Nameplate is our most lighthearted and youthful piece. Its focus is solely upon the simplicity of the lines and shapes of the crystals utilized throughout the collection
 Mera Drop Necklace — The Mera Necklace epitomizes our lichen collection. The wild texture growing over the smooth stone surface draws the eye to the dichotomy of the metal as both canvas and form



 Vesper Earrings — The peculiar bottom shape of the Vesper Earrings has been re-envisioned through the centuries, our variation drawing inspiration from Sumerian court jewelry. The Vesper earrings are worn best as standalone pieces.

Shield Rings — Inspired by the swell of a wave, the Shield Rings embody the essence of the modern woman: soft yet strong, smooth yet multifaceted, they bestow upon their owner an aura of protection

Chloe Choker — The Chloe Choker is our most versatile piece. Worn day to night, it captures the essence of the NVM woman: innate elegance and cool confidence.


[All images via NVM Design]