Dezso Sara Beltrán : Shark Fin

Designer Sara Beltrán of Dezso (Latin for ‘desire‘) has been traveling all over the world from New York to Jaipur and Mexico. Jaipur, which she now calls her home, is letting her discover a new world in stones, as she is doing her own carved stones in the shape of shells.
Her designs are inspired by her love for the ocean and everything that comes with it. Shells, corals, shark tooths,…
Her range of jewelry includes a fascinating array of materials such as fossilized shells and shark teeth alongside diamonds and emeralds.
Take a look by yourself and dream away of the beach and the sea.

Designer Sara wearing her Deco Shark Fin Square
Diamond Cuff necklace

Shop Dezso by Sara Beltran via Twist online, Barneys NY, EditorialistShop Latitude and Browns Fashion.

[All images via Dezso, Refinery 29Barneys and Zimbio | Collage and edit by MoJ]