Nobody’s Perfect Zodiac

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What I love about Pretty Little Thing‘s Nobody’s Perfect Zodiac Collection, is that besides being a personal kind of necklaces it hides something quite fun too.
The collection of zodiac necklaces have eye-catching pendants engraved with each Zodiac sign and symbol on the front, and a special engraved message on the back: A unique trait that highlights the “imperfect” side of each sign. Because indeed, nobody is perfect…but we are perfect the way we are.
The collection by PLT Jewelry was inspired by a book called The Darkside Zodiac by Stella Hyde as well as the fact that everybody has good traits and bad, but we embrace all aspects of ourselves because that is what ultimately makes us all special and unique individuals.
Go check out your zodiac sign online and discover what it says about you!

Since I’m a Virgo
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P.S.: This is the perfect personal gift…just saying!


[All images via Pretty Little Thing | Collage by MoJ]