Navneet Gems : Citrine ring

A little color doesn’t hurt. Especially during these difficult times, which we’re all going through. Plus, besides that, Summer is here! Let’s keep on thinking positive! And wear or masks, obviously.
This ring as pictured in this post, is a ring from Navneet Gems, a wholesale gemstone supplier based in Thailand.
Besides a beautiful Citrine center, the ring is also adorned with naturally mined white topaz which adds the extra sparkle.

On that note, let’s keep on introducing Navneet Gems in case you’re interested in their large range of gemstone selection of semi-precious and precious gems. They have plenty of customers around the world, both designers and collectors.

Back to the Citrine ring.
Even though this stone is November’s birthstone it is perfect to wear if you love a pop of color or simply liking citrine. Citrine is a type of Quartz, and for the past few years, Citrine has not been too good in the market. Why? because of its yellow color. Weird right? The company explains that even yellow Sapphire, yellow Quartz, yellow Beryl and Citrine are all off late and not in trend, but the trend for Citrine is coming back with the introduction of the new “Mandarin Citrine” which is really dark and which they have some available if you’re ever interested.
I have to admit I used to be not a huge fan of Citrine (and topaz, garnet and peridot) myself in the past because yellow isn’t really my color for some reason. But I do like the darker yellows. This Citrine ring however has just the perfect yellow to me. It’s like with vegetables, likes and dislikes always changes.

Find more info about this Semi Precious gem here.

[All info thanks to Navneet Gems]