Monday Thoughts

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Today isn’t the usual post about introducing you a jewelry designer or beautiful pieces.
What I want to share with you all today is that running this jewelry blog isn’t actually that easy.

If you are a frequent visitor and follower of Made of Jewelry you might already have noticed I sometimes skip a day. A day with no post. But everyone has that certain day when you actually don’t want to so something. That just happens.

There are thousands and thousands – what do I say? – millions of jewelry designers walking around in this world. All very brilliant. Some can have similar styles but that doesn’t matter. What I want to say is that, for me, I discover new brands and jewelry designers each day. All so great. It makes me dazzle. I fall in love with designers and jewelry pieces kinda every single day. Their jewelry makes me dazzle. Every day, over and over again.
And so it is kinda hard to shar them all even though I want to.
It’s a little hard to explain but I just don’t want to dissapoint anyone.
If you are a jewelry designer and you haven’t been featured yet, no worries. It still can happen. Tomorrow, next week, next month, next year… I do posts day by day. Today I write a post for today. Get what I mean?
Except on holidays or on days I am out and really don’t have the time, then yes, I try to have posts for those days.
As I want YOU to be updated and have sparkles in your eyes, which I hope I can provide you them.

Voila. That’s what I wanted to say.
Also, thanks for your interest and support. I do appreciate it a lot. More than you can imagine.


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