Seaons of the Sage

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Now, there is Mother of Gideon who has this incredible jewelry pieces.
What’s making it all more incredible is the photography on the homepage. Seriously, this image above… I adore! As being an photography amateur it makes me being intrigued.
But back to the jewelry which today is the Seaons of The Sage Opaque Virtue ring which is in the picture on Made of Jewelry.
I just love it!
What I also love is, well, many other pieces which aren’t in the online shop but I suggest you all to like Mother of Gideon’s facebook page and check out all the photo’s.
When it comes to the Seaons of The Sage Opaque Virtue ring, it is just too pretty. Small, but not too small. Eye catching.
Oh, and also, it’s not just in white or black diamonds. No. It also comes with whatever stone color. Ain’t that great?!

motherofgideon sage rings - madeofjewelry

Opaque Diamond | Black Diamond

mother of gideon turquoise sage - madeofjewelry


mother of gideon jewelry - madeofjewelry

motherofgideon - madeofjewelry



[All images via Mother of Gideon and Fiat Lux | Collage and Edits made by MoJ]